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Organize your daily activities, BTask gives you the tools to take full control of your project in one place.


Tracks the progress of your project, displays the progress and adherence to the estimation of time in order to make accurate decisions.

Timing control

Estimates, plans and records the time it will take to accomplish each task.


Stay on top of everything that happens inside your project with reminders and notifications in real time.


You can assign tasks, responsibilities, labels to better identify and prioritize each task to each activity.


Hidden information you do not want to see even organizes activities for dates, priorities.


Attached images you need, as visual support for your employees.

Discover your flexibility

Use BTask from any mobile device. Using your Chrome browser you can even view the application in full-screen mode and add the icon on the desktop.

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Motivated by the quality of processes, inculcated by the CMMI, developed this tool that somehow or another I could have a better control on Tequilasoft the company where I work and my projects freelancer in Barbacoding. It has always been passionate about this magical world of entrepreneurship and innovation will continue to seek the tools which I am also a user.

Samuel Seda

Samuel Seda

Founder BTask

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